Let's talk about dreams of the future through technology.

NSI helps with systemization in a wide range of fields,

including PLC control, PC control, image processing, and robot control.



Corporate philosophy

"Opening up a new society in the power of technology, to contribute to build a better human society."


To push forward with a high level of awareness,foster the goals and dreams.
And, to fulfill their goals and dreams, what thought or not has to be wearing,
foster the spirit to continue to challenge themselves in that I think need to do so.


Business content

  • FA (factory automation) system development
  • Network system development
  • Image processing system development
  • Various control panels design, production, construction, and maintenance
  • Industrial PC and peripheral equipment sales
  • PC package software sales
  • Sales of electronic parts, applied equipment, and measuring equipment


System technology of NSI which covers all the domains.

NSI has developed all the business in connection with FA in total from development of hard & software and manufacture to sale and maintenance management since the establishment in 1981. Now, the network of the company is accelerated and developed further. And it is the core of the company. In recent years the needs for the system technology are coming to the stage of an advancement, diversification, and also individualization increasingly. Therefore, it is important to develop quickly the products which meet each customer need, and produce them commercially. We believe that the synthetic support power of NSI can demonstrate real value in order to enrich the system and to survive the 21st century.


By the flexible way of thinking and rich imaginative power, we reply to the needs of increasing various companies and society.

We create the system which the user needs most, and consider the best system in the time.
From software to hardware, from development to maintenance, NSI with the system of all ranges and synthetic technical capabilities enriches the technology further, and meets the customer's needs as the true system integrator.


We tell the dream of the future with technology aiming at the development which thought of the user truly.

When developing software or hardware, we must not only improve the level of technology, but also put the interests of the users first. From the time the system is introduced, users operate the system by adding various files and data, including peripheral devices and application software, and these are all intangible assets that can be said to be valuable assets. We aim to adapt these to technological advances and build a system for a new era that meets the needs of users in today's world, where ever-innovating technology and online communication with countries around the world are commonplace.


Contribute to building a sustainable society.

From retail stores to large corporations, computer systems are essential to the economy, but as we aim to create a sustainable society, it is essential that we are as conscious of the environment as we are of market expansion.In addition to developing the hardware and software required by our users, we provide maintenance services that take sustainability into consideration.
Our goal is not only to build systems with outstanding technology, but also to contribute to the development of society while incorporating consideration for the future.


Office and internal situation


List of offices

NSI is based in Niigata and Gunma prefectures.
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NSI Co., Ltd. Head Office

postal code:942-0063

2356 Shimomonmae, Joetsu City, Niigata



NSI Co., Ltd. Gunma Branch

postal code:379-0116

3256-1 Annaka, Annaka City, Gunma Prefecture



Hokuriku Seigyo Co., Ltd.

postal code:942-0063

2356 Shimomonmae, Joetsu City, Niigata



*Hokuriku Seigyo Co., Ltd. is located next to the NSI headquarters.

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