NSI system technology that covers whole area

NSI can offer the systematization in various fields by development of various control devices, such as FA control, PC control, sequencer control, and microcomputer control.
By creating the interface of various machines and a personal computer, and a personal computer and a person, we can build the easier-to-use efficient whole system.

We will try to develop, thinking client satisfaction

In the present age when the net exchange with all the countries in the world is naturally performed, we would like to enrich the technology further and to build the system of the new era which meets the user's needs.

We meet the needs of the sosiety with flexible idea and a fertile imagination

We create the system which the user needs most, and consider the best system in the time.
From software to hardware, from development to maintenance, NSI with the system of all ranges and synthetic technical capabilities enriches the technology further, and meets the customer's needs as the true system integrator.


Corporate philosophy

[Opening up a new society in the power of technology,to contribute to build a better human society.]

To push forward with a high level of awareness,foster the goals and dreams.
And,to fulfill their goals and dreams,what thought or not has to be wearing,foster the spirit to continue to challenge themselves in that I think need to do so.